FENDER RHODES Sustain Pedal Stabilization System


If you own a Rhodes Stage Piano, you know how it goes. Big show. You’re in the middle of a song. Your solo comes around. Things get fiery. Whoops! You accidentally kick the sustain pedal, it moves out of position and stops doing its job. What a bummer. This was part and parcel of the Rhodes Stage Piano experience, until now.

The patented Ken Rich Sound Services FENDER RHODES System connects to your existing sustain pedal and rear legs, locking it in place and keeping it from getting knocked out of position. It even lets you slide the piano across the floor with the sustain pedal in position; no more disconnecting the pedal to change stage plans. It re-articulates the pedal throw, making for a much more pleasant and positive pedal action.

The LOC-N-ROC® is designed to travel, folding up easily and fitting into the lid compartment of your Rhodes piano while remaining attached to the pedal. See images below.

Order now and save yourself the heartache of a slipping pedal!

NOTE: We’ve exhaustively engineered the LOC-N-ROC® System to exact specifications to ensure easy integration into your piano. However, every Rhodes Stage piano setup has slight variations in its dimensions and tolerances, from the legs and braces to the pedal to the box itself. As a result, when used with the LOC-N-ROC® System, the sustain pedal rod may not be perfectly plumb. The system will still work perfectly. If the rod is severely out of plumb, check to make sure that the system has been set up properly. Please contact us if you have any further issues.

Made with pride in Van Nuys, California. Pedal, legs, rod, and piano not included.

Click here to download assembly and installation instructions.

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