Hammond C-3 Straddler


The new Hammond C-3 Straddler is perfect for safely stacking another keyboard on top of your organ without scratching or damaging the wood.. They are made of powder coated cast metal with grip-rubber on the bottom and cushion plastic on the front edges.

This Straddler is the same design as our B-3 Straddler, but now has a pre-installed extension that allows it to fit on top of the C-3 without needing to remove the lid section.

The C-3 Straddler is designed for organ players that are sitting, so that the an added keyboard is lower and angles closer than our previous  Straddler III, making it more easily accessible but still allows full access to the drawbars.

See the images below for the C-3 Straddler in action!

This Hammond Straddler is specifically designed for a C-3. We advise you check with us first for anything aside from a C-series organ though, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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