Clavinet String Set by D'Addario: New and Improved!


Our Ken Rich/D’Addario Clavinet strings have always been the best in the business. Now, they’re better than ever! We’ve been working with our friends at D’Addario to perfect the formula, and we’re proud to offer the new gold standard to Clavinet players. This new design gets rid of the buzzing and “sitar” artifacts that could arise with the previous generation, particularly in Whammy Clavinet builds where each string had to have its end wrap trimmed and soldered before installation. The code has been cracked!

These strings are made in the USA, and each set comes with the necessary yarn and yarning tool to do a complete re-stringing of your Clavinet. Detailed instructions are included to guide you through the process.

D’Addario thoroughly analyzed the original Clavinet harp and string formula to calculate the proper string sizes for the set. The original .008” high strings were enlarged to a .009” to increase durability and improve tone. The set includes the following strings:
37 x .009” plain: E5 down to E2 (plus 2 spares)
9 x .022” wound: D# down to G2
5 x 0.28” wound: F# down to D1
9 x 0.32” wound: C3 down to E1


Click here for Clavinet restringing instructions.

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