Pianet Sticky Pads


This is what all Pianet C, L, N & Combo owners have been waiting for ~ sticky pads that will have their Pianet sounding just like it did in the 60’s.

These are NOT suitable for Pianet T,M or Pianet/Clavinet Duo models.

After a lot of research and development there’s finally a quality USA-made sticky pad set to breath new life into your Pianet.

Your purchase includes 61 sticky pads with mounts, ready to install and use. Installation is extremely straight forward.

We also include 5 spares in case of emergency.

We realize that this original “sandwich-style” sticky pad design deteriorated over time, compared with the more cost efficient Pianet T style pads which were later introduced to keep up with the highly price-competitive keyboard market of the late 70’s. But we feel the most important thing when reproducing a vintage product is that it sounds like the original and is made to the highest quality possible for its design.

There’s no point having a sticky pad that will last forever if your Pianet doesn’t have the sound of the original!

Leaving your vintage keyboard exposed to heat or moisture will accelerate the sticky pad’s degradation, not to mention the keyboard itself. So make sure you treat your vintage Pianet like you would a vintage car, and avoid exposing it to these conditions.

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