Variable Speed Vibrato For 200/200A


In conjunction with our technology development and manufacturing partner, Warneck Research, we've developed the VariVibe - a top quality Variable Vibrato unit for Wurlitzer 200 and 200A pianos. The VariVibe can be installed in a stock 200A, but Wurlitzer model 200 pianos require the Warneck Research EP200 amplifier board.

Designed for easy installation with 3 points to solder, install it yourself or have us install it for you. As shown in the photos the unit includes the mounting bracket, new faceplate and new knob.

VariVibe units take a Wurlitzer’s tone, dynamic expression and artistic control to a whole new level. You no longer need to carry around the larger Rhodes pianos to have this sort of vibrato control. Installation requires an extra hole to be drilled in your top under where the faceplate is mounted, but if you ever want to remove the VariVibe unit your old 2-knob faceplate would cover up the extra hole. Warneck Research & Ken Rich Sound Services consulted with professional players when developing this product and found that using an extra knob was the best way to provide stable, completely linear vibrato speed control that is easily manipulated when playing live. All the players felt that 3 standard knobs maintained (or even enhanced) the classic look they want and avoids possible complications.

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